It should be your first time to such a nostalgic place. We'll bring you to these places with our mysterious rocket.

We wanted to create this type of games, that is why we established ROCKET RYOKO.

There is probably such a place... A place where we can bring everyone together?

Although we do not know if such a place really exist, if you believe with all your heart,

we'll be able to walk toward that place together.
Someday, we would be able to create a game such mysterious rocket, so until that day...

Producer / Creative Director
Game Design / Graphic Design
Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Hiroya Kita
I'm an experienced Game Designer, Director, Producer
and the founder of this indie game developer in Japan.
Game Projects Completed :
R-TYPE Delta, Kickle Cubicle, SAKURAZAKA SYOBOTAI etc.

Tour Guide Checkman
I see dreams and supports the mysterious rocket tour.

Legendary Rocket Rolly
Call out the legendary mysterious rocket.